Atal Tinkering Lab

Eduphoria provides end-to-end solution for setup, installation and maintenance of Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs), with step by step personalized training. Eduphoria has a designated team to handle follow-up training to sharpen the skills of the teachers and the students.

Key highlights of our delivery includes:

  • Open Source Software
  • GeM Listed Company
  • Multi-Phase Training Program
  • Delivery, Support & Maintenance as per Niti Aayog Guidelines
  • Dedicated back-end team for Documentation Support including assistance for PFMS

ATL Delivery Life Cycle

ATL Packages Offered

  • Package 1: Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors.
  • Package 2: Rapid Prototyping Tools.
  • Package 3: Mechanical, electrical and Measurement Tools.
  • Package 4: Power Supply & Accessories and Safety Equipments.

ATL Setup Process

ATL Offerings

  • Set-up the Lab with state of the art products available in the market in respect of the packages stated by Niti Ayog.
  • Provide personalised training sessions to the School to install and use the equipments.
  • Training Schedule in multiple phases
  • Training on handling and usage of equipments.
  • Training on Safety precautions which need to be taken while carrying out experiments with circuits, soldering iron and hot air/glue gun.
  • Training on E-waste Management System.
  • Industrial Visits to get understanding with real life problems and solutions.
  • Provide ATL Curriculum for Schools (including DIY Kits).
  • Provide follow-up training sessions to enhance the skills.
  • Option to provide support for taking participation in Regional/National Level Competitions (including Fairs and Exhibitions).
  • Option to provide support for conducting Summer/Winter Camps.
  • Provide ATL maintenance, technical support and compliance support.
  • We also provide Online Support
  • Periodic Regional and National level competitions
  • Workshop based on different themes, Problem statement, designing approach etc

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