About Eduphoria

Eduphoria is a start-up founded with a vision to deliver innovative solutions in education and skilling space by offering pragmatic solutions to enhance the quality of delivery thereby making it more impactful.

We at Eduphoria work with a mission to improve the quality of education and make it more inclusive. Our endeavor is to address various challenges, that Indian education system currently faces, through innovative and technology solutions.

Eduphoria is an enthusiastic participant in ATL eco-system. We are proud to take this path breaking initiative of NITI Aayog across mainstream to the remotest schools.

Our objective is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds and to inculcate skills such as design mind set, computational thinking, adaptive learning. Eduphoria is a group of passionate and energetic professionals who are focused on empowering the masses to turn their ideas from inception to reality.

Key Focus Areas

The key focus areas where we see a significant value addition through our innovative offerings are as follows:

  • Promoting a culture of innovation through hands-on learning of state-of-art technologies by setting up Innovation Labs at schools
  • Powering Atal tinkering Labs, with complete end-to-end support
  • Science, Math & English learning at schools; through online training and content interventions
  • Coding skills for students for IT, Computer Sciences, and Engineering students
  • Career assessment & counselling for schools and college students
  • Training and employability enhancements programs at professional institutions and colleges
  • Teacher assessment, training and development programs
  • Regular learning courses such as English or test-prep courses
  • Soft skills and specialized technical skill training programs

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